It's hard to find the words to explain just how much music therapy meant  to my dad and my family. ...He LOVED his music therapy....He could be having a rough day and as soon as he had his music, it made him happy. It put him in a better mood. A much different mood. It literally was like flipping a switch some days. I know he loved his music therapy because he talked about it so much....It's one of those things that is good for the soul. One of those things that you just might not completely understand until you experience it yourself.

“I want to thank you for making this legacy of life video- it’s so unreal to see him in the video singing songs he wrote and sharing his entire life through this video with our family. You are an amazing music therapist and we love you.”

Thank you so much for making such a great impression on me and our integrative medical program. Anything you touch will turn to gold.

As I look back and recall the times in music therapy you spent with us, I need to tell you how much we appreciated how music gave us hope, warm feelings of our love, and a shared experience when words were hard to find. Thank you from the depths of my heart.

I just wanted to say thank you for all the wonderful work that you have done with my patients.  We will miss you and your amazing skills in Minnesota!

"Music therapy has given my fiancé a reason to express himself. It was during music therapy that we knew he heard the words to Lean on Me, as he looked at each person standing around his hospital bed and nodded. It was music therapy that stimulated him to say, “I love you”, and music therapy, that pushed him to use both hands to reach across to hit alternating drums at several levels, stimulating r and l brain communication."

"When you close your eyes and think really hard; seeing only tough times ahead, the sound of a plucked string, blowing on my harmonica, or the ability to sing my thoughts, helped me ease my pain." - Cameron

"I found her classes to be extremely well-organized as well as a place to work through some emotions and self-awareness.I would recommend her services to ANY group looking for a reprieve through music and art! I give credit, to Ms. Steen, for my continued ability to “make the next right choice." - Kristen

"This is Alexa, a 10 year old patient at Arizona Burn Center, holding her very own Ukulele Kids Club uke! She's shown here with her music therapist, Cindy Steen. Her course of music therapist set out to reduce pain and anxiety, and help her cope with the hospital environment. When Alexa first received her ukulele, that was her to keep and take home, "all she could say was, 'I'm so happy,'" according to Cindy. Alexa is strong and positive. For her own uke song, she chose Alessia Cara's Scars to Your Beautiful. As Alexa herself says, "Even though I have scars, I know that I'm beautiful.," We're so glad music has helped her express her feelings, and keep strumming, Alexa!" 

Cindy Steen, M.M., MT-BC


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